Fun Affordable Date Ideas

After school activities and busy work schedules can severely dampen the romantic spark between couples. To keep the magic alive, many couples are seeking affordable date ideas that are fun and romantic.
Yes, it is possible after childbirth to spend quality alone time, the key to a memorable time is imagination and spontaneousness. Here are some ideas to get your romantic plans rolling, feel free to customize the suggestions to fit your mutual personalities.

The date under the Stars: Grab a bottle of wine and some snacks before settling down along a scenic road or river. Bring a blanket to sit on and reminisce about your past.

Candlelight Dinner for Two: This date idea also works perfectly with Date Under the Stars. Grab some candles, a patio table, and your favorite cuisine. This time is also appreciated indoors with an assortment of movies.

Restaurant Hop: Experience different tastes by visiting three different restaurants. Enjoy a pre-meal snack at one, the main course at the next restaurant, and dessert at a third location. Enjoy a combination of the various environments for an extra special time.

The Penny Game: This game requires a full tank of gas and a willingness to explore new surroundings. Designate a direction for the coin. Left for heads, tails for right. Flip the coin and make your turns based on what side the coin lands on. Stop at any historical sites along the course.

Canoeing/Camping/Fishing: These activities are a fantastic way to spend time outdoors and take in the sights of mother nature.

People Watch: Take a trip to a nearby airport, train, or bus station. Grab your favorite beverage of choice and observe different people while creating different life scenarios for each.

Tour a Different Location: Take a trip to a destination neither of you has been too. Grab some tourist literature at the welcome center and learn more about your chosen spot.

Recreate the Romance: Remeber when you first met? Recreate the honeymoon stage of your relationship by setting up a secret date. Send a text asking your significant other to meet at a certain location, when you arrive, act like it is the first time you saw your spouse, be fun and flirty.

There are many more opportunities for a romantic encounter to be created, all it takes is a desire to rekindle the excitement of love to make your fun, affordable date ideas memorable.