January, a Fun Month For Pet Holidays


Now that we can take the time to breathe a sigh of relief that the holiday festivities are behind us, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the start of the New Year. I know that can be a challenge because if you are like me you have got a house full of little ninjas that suffer from an extreme case of cabin fever, and it’s only January.
Besides having the potential for being brutally cold, in the northern regions especially, the month of January does have some benefits that might help warm the heart. If you own pets, you might be happy to know that your fur babies can be extra helpful. In case you didn’t know, there are plenty of pet holidays that can be pretty exciting, and educationally entertaining. please keep in mind the dates listed on the websites most likely list dates from several years ago, but please feel free to recognize these pet appointed holidays on the appointed day.
National Pet Travel Safety Day: January 2nd.
Pet owners of all ages should learn the importance of traveling safely with pets. With many families planning upcoming spring vacations, it is not uncommon to see many vehicles with a Fido or Fluffy hitching a ride. Teaching children at an early age to safely transport pets can eliminate serious problems at a later date.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: January 14th.
This pet holiday needs no explanation to the amount of fun that it creates. This activity makes a great family bonding experience and provides unlimited opportunity to work on photography skills. Keep in mind; however, that pets are animals and need to be handled respectfully. Please supervise your children if they participate in this activity. This day is a day for pets around the world have an opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

National Answer Your Cats Question Day: January 22nd.
All cat owners wonder what goes on in the mind of their fluffy companion; this day is the day to break all the rules and get some answers. If you’re a dedicated pet parent, take photos and make a photo journal of the day with different questions and the answers you think your pet is most likely to reply. I cannot think of a better way to bond with a feline while having fun.

Change a Pets Life Day: January 24th.
Originally started in 2009, this day was created to bring awareness to the millions of animals that are homeless or needing rescuing. This pet holiday is the perfect opportunity to explain how important it is to consider the many factors associated with pet ownership and the importance of being able to meet the needs of a pet before you bring them home. Talk to friends and family and encourage them to adopt from a pet shelter before they buy from a breeder.

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Pet ownership is a rewarding privilege that creates many cherished memories. Take a moment to pull your family together and recognize these special days.

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