Anticipation and Heartbreak

My summer pretty much started off with a bang: plenty of horse shows,  camping with horses, swimming until my akin was dark enough I could be confused with a Native American ( don’t take that the wrong way, I would love to be accepted into the ways of Native Americans) and then finally, the opportunity to attend the most righteous of all concerts, an Iron Maiden concert in St Louis arrived. I was excited all week, and then the day of the concert arrived and the husband looked under the truck to determine what the cause of the obnoxious grinding that plagued us for weeks was…..a bad wheel bearing….You guessed it, no concert and no threr hour road trip. I was crushed. I’ve been to. Concert before, Marshall Tucker to be exact, but the beautiful sounds created by the Marshall Tucker band are nothing in comparison to the heavy chest pounding roar of Maiden. So HERE I sit, still in Iowa, while my youngest is on a cross country road trip to Texas. Hopefully she brings me back a good reining horse, but I don’t see that happening either. What are some of your much anticipated plans that failed to launch? 

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