Fun Affordable Date Ideas

After school activities and busy work schedules can severely dampen the romantic spark between couples. To keep the magic alive, many couples are seeking affordable date ideas that are fun and romantic.
Yes, it is possible after childbirth to spend quality alone time, the key to a memorable time is imagination and spontaneousness. Here are some ideas to get your romantic plans rolling, feel free to customize the suggestions to fit your mutual personalities.

The date under the Stars: Grab a bottle of wine and some snacks before settling down along a scenic road or river. Bring a blanket to sit on and reminisce about your past.

Candlelight Dinner for Two: This date idea also works perfectly with Date Under the Stars. Grab some candles, a patio table, and your favorite cuisine. This time is also appreciated indoors with an assortment of movies.

Restaurant Hop: Experience different tastes by visiting three different restaurants. Enjoy a pre-meal snack at one, the main course at the next restaurant, and dessert at a third location. Enjoy a combination of the various environments for an extra special time.

The Penny Game: This game requires a full tank of gas and a willingness to explore new surroundings. Designate a direction for the coin. Left for heads, tails for right. Flip the coin and make your turns based on what side the coin lands on. Stop at any historical sites along the course.

Canoeing/Camping/Fishing: These activities are a fantastic way to spend time outdoors and take in the sights of mother nature.

People Watch: Take a trip to a nearby airport, train, or bus station. Grab your favorite beverage of choice and observe different people while creating different life scenarios for each.

Tour a Different Location: Take a trip to a destination neither of you has been too. Grab some tourist literature at the welcome center and learn more about your chosen spot.

Recreate the Romance: Remeber when you first met? Recreate the honeymoon stage of your relationship by setting up a secret date. Send a text asking your significant other to meet at a certain location, when you arrive, act like it is the first time you saw your spouse, be fun and flirty.

There are many more opportunities for a romantic encounter to be created, all it takes is a desire to rekindle the excitement of love to make your fun, affordable date ideas memorable. 

January, a Fun Month For Pet Holidays


Now that we can take the time to breathe a sigh of relief that the holiday festivities are behind us, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the start of the New Year. I know that can be a challenge because if you are like me you have got a house full of little ninjas that suffer from an extreme case of cabin fever, and it’s only January.
Besides having the potential for being brutally cold, in the northern regions especially, the month of January does have some benefits that might help warm the heart. If you own pets, you might be happy to know that your fur babies can be extra helpful. In case you didn’t know, there are plenty of pet holidays that can be pretty exciting, and educationally entertaining. please keep in mind the dates listed on the websites most likely list dates from several years ago, but please feel free to recognize these pet appointed holidays on the appointed day.
National Pet Travel Safety Day: January 2nd.
Pet owners of all ages should learn the importance of traveling safely with pets. With many families planning upcoming spring vacations, it is not uncommon to see many vehicles with a Fido or Fluffy hitching a ride. Teaching children at an early age to safely transport pets can eliminate serious problems at a later date.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: January 14th.
This pet holiday needs no explanation to the amount of fun that it creates. This activity makes a great family bonding experience and provides unlimited opportunity to work on photography skills. Keep in mind; however, that pets are animals and need to be handled respectfully. Please supervise your children if they participate in this activity. This day is a day for pets around the world have an opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

National Answer Your Cats Question Day: January 22nd.
All cat owners wonder what goes on in the mind of their fluffy companion; this day is the day to break all the rules and get some answers. If you’re a dedicated pet parent, take photos and make a photo journal of the day with different questions and the answers you think your pet is most likely to reply. I cannot think of a better way to bond with a feline while having fun.

Change a Pets Life Day: January 24th.
Originally started in 2009, this day was created to bring awareness to the millions of animals that are homeless or needing rescuing. This pet holiday is the perfect opportunity to explain how important it is to consider the many factors associated with pet ownership and the importance of being able to meet the needs of a pet before you bring them home. Talk to friends and family and encourage them to adopt from a pet shelter before they buy from a breeder.

Help 1-800-PetMeds® change a pet’s life: Change a Pet’s Life Contest

Pet ownership is a rewarding privilege that creates many cherished memories. Take a moment to pull your family together and recognize these special days.

10 Ways to Be more Successful in 2017

Another New Year has begun, and millions of people are questioning what they have to do to be successful. Keep in mind that every individual has a different idea of what it means to be successful, for some, it might be financially independent, for someone else, it might mean a dream job, and for another, simply a happy home with well-raised children. Whatever your idea of success is, here are ten tips to help you achieve your goal.

Raise the Bar.  To do this, you have to be willing to set boundaries for yourself and with other people. Realise that to have a successful life you have to be ready to let go of settling for less. If your current job is not meeting your needs financially or mentally, it’s time to start looking for a job that meets your needs. When it comes to relationships with family and friends, it’s time to put a stop to degrading behavior and bad habits. A positive attitude toward your current situation will keep you focused and supply the fuel you need to reach your goal.
Know When to Take Some Down Time
Everybody needs some time to sit back and relax, let the worries of the day subside and refill your mind with pleasant thoughts and activities. When you give yourself time to refuel, it is like taking the worn out batteries out of a remote and replacing them with new cells. Personal downtime provides a fresh and energetic outlook.
Embrace Change
People that have reached their goal can say that they took the time to look outside the box. They realize that to raise the bar and reach the target that they are trying to achieve, they have to do something different. Too many people get stuck in their comfort zone and fail to take steps to achieve their goal because it is so much easier to stay with what they’re comfortable with.
Learn Self Discipline
No matter what goal you are trying to make, you have to train yourself to take steps to attain it. Make a plan for what you want to accomplish and then map out small baby-step goals that you commit to on a daily basis to reach the target. You are in the driver seat for your success. Therefore you need to embrace your change and stick to your plan.
Fate is a Fairytale
Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not supposed to be like that.” Or “It’s not going to happen because it’s not in the cards for me.” Fate is not a given. Sure something’s out of our control are bound to happen, but when we get off the couch and take action steps needed to achieve a goal, you are going to reach that goal a lot faster than you would if you just sit back and hope something is gong to happen. To reach your level of success, you need to set the ball in motion. Your success will come if you commit to working for it.
Success is Found in Numbers
Have you ever noticed that when people are trying to accomplish something they usually have some support system? The same holds true for anyone that is planning a prosperous future. Find like-minded, success-driven people and network together. Celebrate in each other’s achievements and feed off of the success of the group. Positive energy yields positive results!
Visualize daily
Your new successful life is your dream. It is important to take a moment each day and imagine yourself in your ideal situation. When you can see yourself in this manner, it naturally feeds your inner desire and creates a great jump start to tackle the baby-step goals that you have mapped out for your success.
Receive negativity with a positive attitude
Not everyone is going to agree with the changes that they see you making, some may be jealous, and others might feel as if your setting yourself up for failure. Knowing that not everyone will be as optimistic as yourself is a major key in accepting these Debbie Downers. Instead of letting the negative comments destroy your dreams, accept them and learn to take them as a way to foresee potential downfalls, plan an escape for these situations and you should be able to stay on track.
Take Risks
To advance in any aspect of life, you have to be willing to take a chance. Invest in yourself through training, relocation, and meeting new people. Taking a chance is the only opportunity people have to better themselves.
Pay It Forward
At the end of the day, all successful people have one thing in common, and they share their success so that others have the opportunity to enjoy the same. When you achieve your baby-step milestones, take a moment to share your happiness with other like-minded people. As a result, you will find that you’ll have a larger circle of support than what you could imagine.